Political Promise

The Labour Party In A Cold Snap

In Matt Gardner on January 7, 2010 at 11:33 am

This week has seen one of the coldest period across the UK for many years. Many people are remembering February 2nd 2009 when heavy snow across England caused closure of thousands of schools, travel links delayed and disrupted, and airports closing due to the extreme temperatures. A wind current blowing from Siberia caused that, giving us a small dose of the temperature over there. Currently, the lows are caused by a southern blowing wind from the Arctic. So why have all of these public services closed? When you look at the line of latitude England lies on,  there is Canada, and Russia, who both have very low average temperatures during the Winter. However, both of those countries cope and function as normal whether in snow, or sunshine. So why can’t the government cope with snow and icy conditions? The Labour Party is split, as the attempted coup on his leadership by members of party show. All of government run things stop during adverse weather, and the government aren’t prepared. They aren’t able to grit the roads at the correct time, they don’t have clear guidance on closures of schools, everyone has issues with getting to where they need to be in this advanced and technologically-dependant age. Labour have big issues like this if they want to win the next election.

Matt Gardner


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