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Free Speech Means Freedom for Everybody, Like It or Not

In Uncategorized on January 7, 2010 at 3:08 pm

Am I the only person in the whole world, who thinks that the demonstrations in Wootton Bassett have to be allowed to happen? The vast sections of the country are in arms about the group of Muslim fundamentalists who feel the need to protest as the bodies of our soldiers are brought back home, posts on a popular networking site include “lets bomb them”, “f***** muslims go home”, “go an silence the smelly f****rs.” Frankly its appalling.

Firstly I’d like to point that I don’t support the cause that these extremists are fighting for, nor do I think that they are going about their protests in the correct way, and also appear to attacking the rest of the British Muslim community more than anything else, but if they have decided to protest there is nothing that anyone can or should do to stop them.

But lets consider if the police did ban this march, directly infringing the human rights of these men to free speech and public protest, what would happen next? Everyone’s right to public protest and free speech would have to be taken away: Muslim or Non-Muslim, because it cant be one set of rules for one group and not for the others. This would result in such marches as those against the Iraq war or climate change would become unlawful. A Nazi like where all protests will result in fines and prison sentences. But I’m sure the BNP would love that. Dictatorship and opression would suit them down to the ground.

Or we take one of our other bigotted friends ideas, and “we should kick em all out,” which is an idea he seems to share with tens of thousands of others. Yes, that stroke of genius would work!!. Because throwing out all muslims wouldn’t have backlash from any other country in the civilised world at all. They definately wouldn’t stop trading with British businesses. We would in no way anger the EU or UN, and they definately wouldn’t fine or place economic sanctions upon us. I’m glad he has properly understood all the implications of his plan.

My final comment will rant is about a prospective member for parliament. He says that “many people believe our comments to be racist. Well we all have freedom of speech which means we can express our views against these vile monsters…. please vote for me in the next election.” THINK IT THROUGH!!! What makes this person’s freedom of speech any more important than those expressed by these protesters? I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that frankly I’d rather listen to the ramblings of one of these radicals than listen to the torrent of racist and hating abuse sent from the nationalist scum on these websites. Also I believe that inciting racial hatred does not come under freedom of speech. Just because you dont like what someone else is saying, if they are not breaking any laws, you do not have the right to stop them.

It is situations like these that make everyone believe it is OK to be racist and bigoted, through a mob mentality, and the basic BNP arguments seem almost plausible. My message is simple – don’t get dragged in, use your common sense to realise the consequences of stopping this march, misguided and insensitive as it may be.

Joe James


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