Political Promise

Silvio Babesconi

In Matt Gardner on January 7, 2010 at 3:53 pm

Moving on from infidels, to infidelity, it has suddenly struck me that Silvio Berlusconi is both a shocking example of a prime minister, but also a hypocrite. Babesconi has moved from CEO of a liquidating media business that attempted to bribe government officials, to Prime Minister. Along the way, he allegedly dealt with the mafia, and changed Italian law to stop him from being tried in a court of law. He has also had his wife file for divorce, because she suspected that he was using a prostitute, and that he was choosing attracting young females for high electoral positions.Hence the name Babesconi.


And this man is the Prime Minister – he hires prostitutes, subtly changes the law – he is a criminal, and one who is shouldering his weight on his country, using his status to bend the rules. This cannot be allowed to continue. How can we have leaders in this difficult economic time who spend their spare time working for their own ends, rather than the good of the nation he represents? Babesconi is also a Catholic. Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t Catholics supposed to not cheat on their wives? Or deal with the Mafia? Sort it, Babesconi.

Matt Gardner


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