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How do we hold those Responsible for the Iraq War to Account?

In Will Obeney on January 18, 2010 at 4:00 pm

When Gordon Brown announced the Iraq Inquiry on 15 June 2009, it was met with suspicion. Especially so when he said it would be held in private, a decision subsequently reversed. Many were still not sold, yet I held out for answers. Now I realise that hope was forlorn.

The inquiry covers the whole of the Iraq War, including the decision to go to war and the aftermath. It will be released over a year after starting. Surely it would be much more worthwhile to have small, separate inquiries that have a short time limit, forcing questions to be sharper and to the point. It would also be more fluid, which would improve the effectiveness of the questions. This way they would stick to the most important aspects that we can learn from or that need clarification.

How can we expect any inquiry to get anywhere within the current conditions? The questioners are not forthright enough and the atmosphere is relaxed. It should, in fact, take place in a court-style arena, with lawyers asking the questions. Currently, the interviewers are people of the establishment who, though admittedly knowledgeable, are completely unversed in the art of questioning.

What do you think? Will we see any successes from the Iraq Inquiry? Should the format be changed? Please, leave a comment.

Will Obeney

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