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Politicising a Tragedy

In Uncategorized on January 24, 2010 at 10:59 am

The recent case of two boys, who were tortured almost to death in Doncaster, is of course a tragic incident and I would not like to comment on the reasons and motives behind these acts except to say that the perpetrators were clearly deeply disturbed young boys who committed an evil act. However in a recent speech the opposition leader David Cameron claimed that this incident is a reflection of the social breakdown currently occurring in Britain, as with the case of baby p, questions must be asked about the standard of care offered by the councils involved. But to claim that this one act of evil is an example of the way British society is today, and furthermore to infer that this terrible act is due to the labour governments lack action on anti-social behaviour  is abhorrent. Cameron then went on to describe and defend his plans for a tax break for married couples , this continuation of the traditional social conservatives of the past in encouraging marriage and the 2.4 children style family is outdated. The suggestion deliberate or not by placing these two issues in the same speech is that if these children had lived in a home with two married parents this may not of occurred.  Yes I must agree if these children had lived in a loving two parent home; there is no doubt in my mind that this evil act would not have occurred. Yet by the same degree I can honestly say that I believe this act would not have occurred if these children came from a loving one parent’s family. What the Tories must understand is that while a traditional family can be the ideal upbringing for a child, in modern society it is not the be all and end all.

By politicising such a tragedy in the form of an attack on the labour party, Cameron has served to not only vilify the attackers but to vilify British society. The ‘social recession’ Cameron speaks of may be a very real issue but with this callous speech he has only served to paint politicians in a more negative light. Rather than the stories on the front pages of the newspapers asking what we can do to stop this happening again and how we can mend our society, the papers are filled with the political infighting which I believe we are all tired of and which will only serve to isolate voters.

Joseph Raffell

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