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A Labour Politician With Dignity… There’s A First

In Matt Gardner on February 2, 2010 at 4:55 pm

Clare Short has today told the Iraq War Inquiry that Tony Blair’s Cabinet were  ‘misled’ regarding the legality of the war. Well duh. As if invading a country, purely for oil, and claiming it is for The War On Terror isn’t illegal. That in itself is a despicable thing to do, let alone the turmoil and death that has to now be endured by the average Iraqi citizen. However, this is not a rant on the Iraq War. This is a post of praise for Clare Short. She resigned shortly after the war began, and she told the truth to both the media and the enquiry – and that is some achievement. She announced how Attorney General Lord Goldsmith had been ‘leaned’, or in a non – politically correct phrase, ‘ordered or else’, upon regarding his decision. Here we have a woman with integrity, honesty, and dignity. We need someone like her as our PM, not the current rubbish we have.

Peter Brookes' Cartoon in Wednesday's Times

Matt Gardner

>>> UPDATE: 3rd Feb I had to add in this cartoon from today’s Times, summing up the article and indeed Clare Short’s appearance this week very nicely. Enjoy. CE

  1. Clare Short in completely and utterly self-serving. She said she was kept out of key decisions and there is a reason for that – no one could trust her. She is one of the last people I would like to see as PM.

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