Political Promise

What Happened To The Good Old Beeb?

In Matt Gardner on February 9, 2010 at 3:54 pm

Today, I arrived home, made myself a cuppa and sat down. I logged onto the computer, and there, glaring at me from the home page of the internet browser, was an article from BBC News. Now, this was no ordinary article. This was one which compared bananas to KitKats. I asked myself, why. The answer – Gordon Brown has apparently decided to drop his 4-a-day habit of eating KitKats. What really riles me here, is that a bunch of people who nick £50 a year from us, are employing someone to write about this. Surely, with an election due soon they could find something more interesting to write about? Apparently not. The BBC are going downhill. We’ve had comedians being paid absurd amounts, only to be suspended for several months, managers doing nothing, yet receiving a 6 figure salary – what’s happened? Please, Beeb, sort yourself out.

Matt Gardner


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