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We Need Marriage Counselling for the “Special Relationship”

In Charlie Edwards on March 30, 2010 at 2:28 pm

The widely-used expression “the special relationship” between the United Kingdom and the US is dead, according to MPs. At times, it seems the relationship has not been reciprocal, although we stood by Bush in Afghanistan and Iraq, Americans have been reticent to show similar support in our recent discussions over the Falkland Islands.

This will be misinterpreted by any Europhiles who want to see a United States of Europe. The US is a vital partner on matters of defence, trade and democracy. The Founding Fathers of America’s constitutional government wanted to defy the British ‘tyranny of the monarchy’ and create their own way of doing things. Today, it seems they want no place in British politics and that is a shame. The failings of New Labour, especially under Gordon Brown, have proved that Britain is not a valuable asset to our partners across the pond. Should he take Number Ten this spring, David Cameron should try to regain this, not as “Bush’s Poodle” like Blair, but through regaining a mutual respect of what each party can bring to the table. Our support of the US in the Middle East should not go unrecognised. We need better foreign relations – ever wondered why we never win Eurovision? Because unlike Russia – who have plenty of cronies who like to vote for their pals – nobody likes us anymore. It is not cool to be British or be associated with Britain. One of the core aims of the next government would be to address our international standing, bringing our beautiful country out of the doldrums, and never ever again will we hear the phrase “sick man of Europe”.

Nile Gardiner in this week’s Sunday Telegraph says: “The preservation of the Special Relationship must be at the centre of a Tory foreign policy. It is the beating heart of the free world and the engine that drives the global war against Islamist terrorism. Mr. Cameron should follow the example of both Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher in ensuring that the long-term alliance with the United States remains the anchor of British leadership on the world stage.”

Let’s try and patch up the special relationship. If it means sleeping downstairs on the sofa, renewing our vows or marriage counselling, it’s a relationship worth saving.

Charlie Edwards

  1. they say the british are not liked anymore..do we realy care..in the past when great britain was a powerfull nation, had a big military force,stood up to all comers including dictators, and other tin pot nuts, we took no shit, we stood on our own two feet and did what was requird , without the worry of being frightend,
    for this rightly or wongly we had RESPECT , people feared us, our friends could rely on us without worry, our enemied were very worried, [but today 2010]
    no one respects us, nations take the piss out of us, Iran kidnapps our sailors. pirates of somalia do what they want, chavez laughs at us, argentina humiliates us. even the Americans have no respect anymore, they think we are just hangers on, our army is to small , fighting two wars on two fronts, no equipment medicle or otherwise, our airforce is falling apart, cant fly-wont fly- our navy is a disgrace. no bigger that and average african state, ships that are unarmed, 20 years out of date, ,the reason for all this bad news is a goverment that just dont care, shammes us in the eyes of the world, gutless, cowards, corupt and care only for themselves, this goverment has destoyed the relationship with the USA. no one even takes us seriouse anymore,, the govermend has been lying to drag us into a superstate in euroland, a more corupt state then the uk. [and thats saying something] . certain people in high places are destroying this country and selling us into europe,,, if you want this to stop. dump this labour goverment.
    demand the conservatives take us out of europe, and make us great again. stronger and powerfull again, get our respect back and make our enemies tremble once more. either you are proud of being british, or you are willing to bend over..you choose.
    im british and proud of it. out of europe, friends with the americans. unite with australia,new zealand,canada, renew our ties. AND BE PROUD OF BEING BRITISH.

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