Political Promise

An Appeal

In Uncategorized on April 15, 2010 at 5:16 pm

Mandela’s release from prison was symbolic of the end of apartheid. The World Trade Center terror attacks are synonymous with the War on Terror and the second Gulf War. Tonight’s election debate will impact this forthcoming general election and every election hereafter.

I’ve enjoyed, as a student of American politics, fifty years of Presidential election debates. The idea of millions of television screens broadcasting the debate between those clamouring for the public vote has been revised and reproduced around the world and has finally landed on a screen near you.

This is a chance to engage our generation in politics like none other. Don’t take too much notice of who’s got the most make-up on, who stumbles and who shines. This is a chance to critically assess each leader’s credentials, an opinion you can express in the ballot box in a few weeks time.

You don’t recall “what you were doing when apartheid rule ended”, or “what you were wearing during the Iraq war”, it is the singular monumental events we associate with these periods that we remember. Tonight, I wholeheartedly appeal to you: Be part of history.

ITV, 8.30pm.

Charlie Edwards

  1. ‘Like no other’
    It is pretty similar to Prime Minister’s questions.

    Oh and you have not enjoyed 50 years of American Leadership Debates, more like 17/18 years in which you would have seen only about 3 debates

  2. Uninterrupted, accesible and unconventional. How is this not promoting political participation more than ‘My right honourable gentleman said this’ and planted questions and the slanging match we are privvy to every Wednesday?

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