Political Promise

The Election Debate Scorecard

In Aaron Frazer on April 30, 2010 at 10:30 pm

Gordon Brown

Last Night

Arguably the strongest performer on the night. Very comfortable and assured in the discussion of policy detail. Presented a coherent argument that Labour’s economic policies are (relatively) realistic and coherent. Presented a good idea of how Labour would renew regional investment, boost small businesses  and cut the deficit. Marked down for his off screen facial expressions; a mixture of a madman laughing nihilistically  and the smirk of a deviant.


Left himself far much to do after an exhausted and limp performance. Looked beleaguered and disorientated and on the wrong side of history.

David Cameron

Last Night

An assured, much more persuasive performance. Encapsulated  the frustration, incandescence and confusion many feel about ‘Brown’s Britain’. In that respect he hit many of the right notes needed to galvanise the base . Hardened and refined his tone effectively. Probably should of prepared more carefully for the inevitable inheritance tax attack. Predictable, one dimensional and hypocritical  attacks are easy to refute. Or at least they should be.


Hasn’t exactly found the balance between Britain’s moral,financial and social degeneration and a coherent positive vision. Rhetoric (ie The Big Society) has  been criticised by senior aids/backbenchers as ambiguous and thus uninspiring. Achieved a degree of redemption last night. Overall, an unfortunate tendency to shoehorn in a scripted soundbite every 10-20 seconds. Must improve off screen face; turgid and despondent. However this usually acted as the precursor to an angry refutation of a Brown allegation which makes it marginally more acceptable.

Nick Clegg

Last Night

A comparatively weaker performance. As many have mentioned Clegg massively over egged the distancing tactic of “the  bickering old parties”. Does anti-elitism  very unconvincingly. Also regurgitated much of the same rhetoric and examples. Seemed alarmingly short of economic policies at times.


An invigorating and  dynamic performance. Has transformed this election with an infectious  positivity and conviction. Created ‘Cleggmania’ which if you think retrospectively, as in before these debates, would have sounded farcical.

Aaron Frazer


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