Political Promise


In Uncategorized on May 20, 2010 at 6:41 pm

By Matt Gardner

It have suddenly realised something today, which has motivated me to write this piece. Why are some people so violently opposed to one party or opinion, with the belief that any other belief is wrong. It’s just a concept I don’t understand. We elect Parliament to rule, we accept their decisions, and when we’re unhappy we take action, everyone knows that.

However, I have just made a connection in my mind; some people take it too far. For example:

  1. We have Stephen Timms being stabbed, and for arguments sake we’ll assume it was for his poltical views
  2. There’s protesters in Bankgok willing to sacrifice their lives for the “greater good of the people”
  3. BNP representatives are regularly attacked. Yes, they may be a party of thugs and racists, but you should still rise above them, and maintain the morale high ground

What I’m trying to say here, is that it’s all about respect, or Restecp, as Ali G would say. Respect people’s opinions, respect their choice, but most of all, respect them as people. It takes time, commitment, and effort to do some of the good, and admittedly wrong things that politicians and people make throughout their lives and careers.

  1. I find myself both completely agreeing and completely disagreeing with your opinions. I am someone who tends not to get involved in party politics at all, I find it constrains opinion too much. Nevertheless there seems something dismissive about disregarding someone who feels so strongly about a belief that they would die for this – exaggerating it somewhat, I dont imagine Tiananmen would seem as poignant if it hadnt been seen to represent such a cause.

    With regards to Stephen Timms, while for arguments sake it may seem neat and tidy to suggest it was for part political motives it is completely and wholly incorrect to suggest this. Our political system at the moment can barely spark people to vote let alone incite violence…

    Get well soon to someone who is by many accounts a very good MP.

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