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Cameron’s View On Afghanistan

In Uncategorized on June 11, 2010 at 9:25 am

By Matt Gardner

David Cameron has pledged £67m pounds towards bomb-detection devices, on top of the £150m that Gordon promise last year. Cameron was visiting Afghanistan when made the announcement, on his first trip as PM. This is interesting. Blair was all out for the invasion of ‘ghanistan, and Brown just accepted that he had little choice after he inherited Blair’s position.

An intriguing speech

On the other hand, Cameron seems reluctant to get involved in the War. He has let the US take control of 80% of his troops there, and has promised that no extra troops will be sent there. It seems that Cameron takes the view that if he has people there, he might as well provide with what they need – IED’s contribute greatly to death’s of British troops, along with shootings. From where I sit, on this lovely fence,  it seems that he has been rather clever.

Imagine you have a group of normal farmers, in the 16th Century. It’s 1,000 of them against 200 well trained and armed militia. Who wins? The militia. Cameron’s covered his back by providing better equipment, but hasn’t sent more troops out. Crafty.

However, as it’s still early days for Cameron and his rule, who knows where he’ll take us?


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