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It’s not all Doom and Gloom

In Pav Sandhu on July 8, 2010 at 8:21 am

By Pav Sandhu

The nation has recently taken a bit of a knock over the past month. England were knocked out of the World Cup, Andy Murray once again raised the country’s hopes at Wimbledon, but succumbed to Rafael Nadal and the Budget cuts have certainly brought a grey cloud over Great Britain. It seems that there is never an end to this continuous misery.

However there are a few goods things to look forward to. Summer is nearly approaching, many should be looking forward to their well deserved break after a year of endless hard work and A level students will be looking forward to university in September.

In regards to sporting achievements, we have two years to prepare for the Olympics 2012 happening right here in the country’s capital. This event in particular should bring the country with an additional source of revenue, which will hopefully reduce the deficit and bring us out of the economic slump. If this happens then they won’t be anymore cuts in public services! Then the Daily Mail won’t have to complain about the taxpayer’s money being used to reduce the deficit at the public’s expense!

On the plus side, London 2012 will bring the whole country together to back Team Britain. It will be a great experience for the whole world to watch their respective countries take part in the most prestigious sporting event in history.

I would like to finish with the the apparency of the Budget. These cuts aren’t as bad as they seem. In the 1980s the cuts sought to “roll back the state”. The 2010 cuts are efforts to reduce the deficit only in this year. We should resume to normality afterwards. Also the Budget seeks to redistribute to the Armed Forces, who desperately need them for vital resources in Afghanistan. With the extra money for the Armed Forces, the mission in Afghanistan will soon be over. We will finally be able to say that our boys are coming home.

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