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A Run for Hope, Inspiration and the Seemingly Invisible Loos…

In Charlie Edwards on July 11, 2010 at 5:29 pm

By Charlie Edwards

In need of a cuppa. From left to right; Martin, me and Jamie

Maybe it was the receipt of the medal. Or the Big Ben chimes in time with Jerusalem as we embarked upon Parliament square. Or maybe the camaraderie that spurred us through every metre marker and water station and twist and turn that makes the London 10km run the best 10km in the world.

I am slightly biased of course. The route goes past the home of modern democracy, the Cenotaph war memorial and Nelson’s column. A proper fix of pomp and circumstance for a patriotism junkie. The British spirit of never giving up and wearing silly costumes provides endearing inspiration, especially when running on a street awash with hundreds of colours representing thousands of charities.

Knowing of the personal tragedy that spurs on thousands of my fellow runners today is an awfully humbling experience. What makes it even more humbling is that the little girl we were running for is still alive and well and will be for many years. Our run was ensuring she has the best life possible, not run in memory, like many others. This was a great source of hope as jelly-leg syndrome and thigh chafe took hold. Knowing the hope and inspiration for others we would provide by raising this money made the finish line feel so much closer.

Fundraising is not about who can make the most money, nor who can run the fastest. It does not matter whether in a team or on your own, for a charity you know and are affected by or not, in your village or the Marathon. What matters is the act of selflessly devoting time and energy to a cause you believe in. If you believe, you can get things done. As I mentioned earlier, we passed Parliament Square, and the protesters. (I recommend Jess Freeman’s blog for Total Politics My Trip to Parliament Square– well worth a read) The way they go about “championing” causes were completely upstaged by the 25,000 individuals – with 25,000 individual stories, motivations and causes they believe in – actually doing something for good today.

I am not ashamed to say I am quite proud of myself today. And of my team-mates and best friends Martin Joyce and Jamie Woods who joined me on our 57 minute jog through an empty central London. I would also like to thank the organisers, the people at RSAUK and the 25,000 friends we met along the way, including the cow who didn’t talk very good English, the Scooby Doo ensemble, the nuns, the bananas, the old man with the pipe and the zebra. I hope you finished in the end mate.

You can still sponsor us if you are feeling generous. Please visit http://www.justgiving.com/woods-edwards-joyce or comment below for more details of the charity, the run or how to get involved.

P.S. Just rung up Absolute Radio to win festival tickets and not only got through to Leona Graham (my favourite presenter!) but won tickets to the Sundae on the Common Festival in two weeks’ time. GOOD KARMA


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