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Whether it’s Burkas, Bombs or the BBC; Integration is the Key in Race Politics

In Charlie Edwards on July 19, 2010 at 2:34 pm

This week, Political Promise has featured some interesting debates that polarised opinion. Each one is about tolerance, diversity and the politics of race. We live in a liberal society, so anyone advocating intolerance is immediately shunned. It’s hard to regard those who ban the burka as ‘intolerant’, when the burka is, in its nature, an item which does not promote tolerance (it dehumanises women, it is anti-social, it creates barriers between our cultures). Jordan Childs wrote an excellent piece on this topic, as the French government have announced they are to ban the Islamic headwear in public, should Britain do the same?

We also featured on the scrapping of the BBC Asian Network. As the BBC, like many other public bodies, make cuts to its service, one that immediately alienates 80% of the population by virtue of the racial demographic it specifically targets was primed for the axe. Charles Maggs thought it was a good decision.

I have a little-known news story to share with you on this matter. You won’t like it. I was disgusted with this when I read it, the news that the Dutch far-right politician (Yes, someone actually voted for this man) Geert Wilders is to form an international alliance of anti-Islamic politicians, and listed Britain as one of the countries ‘ripe’ for this alliance. As a great proponent of nationalism, liberty and tolerance I cannot stand the idea of this country being an annex of this man’s anti-liberal anti-Islamic regime. What angers me more is the complete ignorance of the national media on this, besides the Guardian. Murdoch’s empire, the Express and the Mail have all been surprisingly quiet on the matter. Wilders is expecting to waltz into our country, espouse some anti-Islam populist rhetoric and those British people, who feel they have no voice in British politics who will actually deal with immigration and the erosion of British culture and history will ‘go along’ with it. He is a man driven by hate. He has a cross to bear and sees the religion of Islam, 99.9% peaceful, tolerant and incredibly interesting, as the threat to modern society. I hope every young person in Britain will agree with me when I say that he is in fact, the threat, not a religion or culture.

Our culture should not be held hostage by immigrants and political correctness. But those who seek public office under a veil of anti-immigration are a far greater threat to the moral fabric of this society than those they seek to deport, alienate and destroy.

Please do make yourself time to read these posts and the resulting comments, they are excellent reading.

  1. Muslims killed about 300 million innocent kafirs (non-Muslims) and almost all caliphs (their supreme leaders). Genocide is their way of life because they follow Sunna (the example of an illiterate warlord called Muhammad). Muhammad is called uswa hasana (the model of conduct) and al-insan al-kamil (the perfect man). All outrageous Muslim customs (e.g., terror, lying, beheading, rape, pedophilia, misogyny and illiteracy) originate in the Sunna. Arabs are the most illiterate people in the world because they are the most pure Muslims. There is only one non-violent Islamic sect: Universal Sufism. Ahmadiyyas and Ismailiyahs are somewhat non-violent. Saudi government bars their entrance to Mecca because, in the opinion of Saudi government, they are not violent enough to be true Muslims. The rest (about 98% of all Muslims) are hateful and violent. I believe that Islam will destroy our civilization unless a broad alliance of all kafirs (including agnostics, atheists, and gays) eradicates Islam.

    We will never submit to Islam. We will fight on the beaches, we will fight on the landing grounds, we will fight in the fields and in the streets, we will fight in the hills; we will never submit! I hereby propose the first day of Ramadan as the perfect date for annual protests against Islam. The next Ramadan begins August 11, 2010.

    Wilders Akbar!

  2. Don’t you dare use Winston Churchill peace-seeking message for your own sick gain. You have manipulated the teachings and cultures of a few Muslims to suit your own argument. Intellectual debate on just how much violence is advocated in the Quran proves that Islam is a peaceful religion plagued by a violent, power-seeking virus of extremists. Sir, you are a racist. You sound a lot like Hitler. I promise you, society will gobble you up. Call it rose-tinted glasses, but I see my fellow humans as tolerant, liberal beings. You and your views belong in a museum.

  3. Wilders does not seek to destroy anything else than a totalitarian ideology and even then only through the means of the word. If Islam is the religion of peace it claims to be it should have nothing to fear, because reason will protect it (at least here in the free West).
    All Islam has to do to get recognized as a bonafide religion in the West is to shed it’s law making aspirations, abandon it’s practice of gender apartheid and admit that Mohamed was a murderer and paedophile and no role model at all, to begin with.

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