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Blogging for a Better Future?

In Dan Owens on August 8, 2010 at 10:36 am

By Daniel Owens

Blogging. A very 21st century idea. So, here I am, having just finished my degree in Politics and International Relations from the University of Lancaster and I am waiting for my new job to begin; it has me wondering why more people don’t blog. I wrote my very first article for Political Promise in the run up to the General Election, sometime around the start of April 2010 and to be honest – it is one of the best things I have ever done.

This isn’t a self-aggrandising article. Honest.

Political blogs, like our here Political Promise, give people like me a voice, an opportunity to share our views and opinions with those who are willing to read them; and to enter into meaningful debate with likeminded people. There is also the education that blogging provides, I have sat here at my computer on many occasions and read articles about things I have never even studied – Burma, the 2012 Olympics, Nigel Farage – and I have remembered what I have learned. Similarly, I will always remember how after I wrote my first article on the Gazan-bound flotilla I got an email from Charlie commenting how it was nice to read some reasoned debate on the issue.

But, I found that it wasn’t just learning what other people wrote about that was most impressive, it was the skill of learning through the creation of your own article; as I struggled to articulate myself, the content was further ingrained into my mind; something that I believe helped me through my 2 Middle East exams. However, I think that the single greatest advantage of blogging is the skill set it helps you to develop; blogging teaches you to communicate to the masses, teaches you to write in an appropriate style and therefore helps you later in life.

Blogging, whilst it might seem trivial, is one of those things that potential employers want to know about. Blogging shows employers that you are pro-active, have a passion and are willing to share that passion with others; it shows that you can command yourself through words and that you have the confidence to risk criticism.

So for whatever reason you fancy: new bloggers, current bloggers, non-bloggers – GET INVOLVED. It is liberating. Just write something, whether it is on the Labour leadership contest, the monarchy, the National Union of Students or even the politics of the Eurovision song contest. There is nothing more exciting than seeing an article that you have written published on the internet, with your name attached to it.

This is my rallying cry…

Bloggers of the world. Unite!

p.s – it also helps quell boredom 🙂

p.p.s (From Charlie) Dan wrote this article of his own accord, I didn’t ask him too 😛

  1. Damn Right! I’m proud to put this on my CV – it’s just what politics needs. I hope to write a little more prolifically… soon!

  2. Good argument in favour of blogging.

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