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Why Golfers Should Be President

In Matt Gardner on August 18, 2010 at 11:53 am

By Matt Gardner

When walking around the delight of a golf course, talking general rubbish to my friend, a thought whacked me in the face. No, it wasn’t a “Damn I missed that putt”, it was more like “Jeez. That’s a brainwave”. I came to the realisation that the skills required for quality golfing, are the same skills required to be President.In fact, it is leadership on any scale, whether it’s President of a country, or skipper of the local pub team. Golfing requires thought, consideration, a natural talent, some inspiration, self confidence.

Was Tiger Woods a product of nature or nurture? Both. He was born with the skills, and honed them personally. Tiger Woods definitely has some consideration, he stopped playing a game that he loves, a game that rakes it in for him, because he realised the way he was acting hindered him outside, and inside the game.

He has talent. You can’t be that good without a natural knack for the game. Confidence. Exposed to the full might of the press and public, he has returned to the game, with nothing else on mind. That takes balls. He’s not perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. The important thing is to realise and then rectify.

Did he? Yes. Give this man a job high up somewhere, and let him have a mini golf course down his corridor. We need more people with the natural skills and characteristics that he has. Obviously I’ve chosen a well known celebrity as an example, but there are so many people who should replace the donkeys we have running this country.

Not to insult the Con-Lib coalition, but there are some people who need to be got rid of. Here’s someone to fill a vacancy.

  1. I assume you wrote the phrase ‘he has balls’ with your tongue firmly in your cheek? Perhaps Tiger Woods isn’t the best example to illustrate your point. Personally, I’d rather continue with the system of elected professionals running the country than a serial philanderer with an inflated sense of self-worth and several lucrative advertising contracts.

  2. yes, lets put a sex pest as the next leader of our country, or better the free world. tits out friday should be made a public holiday.

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