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Blogwatch: Labour Uncut

In Uncategorized on September 5, 2010 at 10:31 am

In a first in the Blogwatch series, we introduce you to the most influential or interesting ports in the political blogging ocean. First, Labour Uncut.

Set up in the immediate aftermath of the election defeat, Labour Uncut has had a lot of success in its first few months of operation. Run by former MP Sion Simon, it has taken Labour back to its grassroots with comprehensive analysis of the election defeat and where to go next.

With MPs such as Tom Watson and John Woodcock among the site’s contributors, it is quickly becoming one of the most influential Labour blogs. It has not came out and endorsed a leadership candidate yet, which may be wise, given the closeness of the race.

Being in opposition is the best place for bloggers, who have more ammunition to criticise their rivals. Sites like Labour Uncut will really enjoy the next few years, as we expect a left-wing resurgence in the blogosphere. The last time the Labour party was in opposition, the internet was used mainly by the military and “Twitter” was something old ladies did in the hairdressers.

Address: http://labour-uncut.co.uk

Writes about: Labour Party politics, the leadership election, banging the coalition to rights

Tweets: @LabourUncut

Followers: 1,949

Established: May 2010

Watch out for: The Daily News Review. The best left-wing review on the web.

One to Read“We must be in the game, not shouting outside the stadium argues John Woodcock”

What others say about it: “Not somewhere to go for policy debate.” (Jon Lansman, Left Futures)


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