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The Magazine… Coming Soon

In Uncategorized on September 5, 2010 at 2:29 pm

I am proud to be able to post our press release for the launch of our magazine spin-off of the blog. If we get enough media attention about it, we will organise a party. So tweet and blog this to your heart’s content:

Following on from the success of our blog, Political Promise has decided to go print. We are the leading political voice of our generation, and have been proud to bring together left and right wing to get our voice out there. Now you have a chance to join in. By supporting Political Promise, we can keep the blog going, we can produce more in future magazines and bring you the best political coverage in the market. By students, for students.

You can get your copy of Political Promise for just £1 when it launches on the 1st October. We will produce two more issues for this academic year, and if we are successful, will go monthly in 2011/2012.

We have exclusive interviews with MPs Jack Lopresti and Tom Brake, brilliant features from our leading student journalists, a list of the top 100 political twitterers, competitions and of course, columnists from the politicalpromise.co.uk blog. All for a pound you ask? Too right we say! This cost is simply to cover the printing and the postage, we will always provide fantastic value for money- we are students after all!

Come and join in the debate at politicalpromise.co.uk, on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Political-Promise-Blogging-for-a-Better-Future/427416800456) and Twitter (@PP_tweets)

For information about your nearest stockist or if you want to become a university distribution agent, contact Charlie Edwards at politicalpromise@yahoo.co.uk.

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