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Ed Beats David

In Uncategorized on September 26, 2010 at 10:28 am

Ed Miliband has won the Labour leadership, reports Nicole Berry.

It was officially announced that Ed Milliband narrowly beat his brother David to the post for Labour leadership. A tough campaign was fought by all five candidates involved, yet it was known early on that it was only to be a race of two brothers.

The devastating election result for Labour in May left the position of leader of the opposition up for grabs after Brown stepped down. Harriet Harman held the position as leader during the interim period, but asserted early on her decision not to stand for the permanent position herself. This left it open for Dianne Abbott, Ed Balls, Andy Burnham, Ed Milliband and David Milliband to fight it out. David Milliband was the early favourite, as the older, more experienced brother; however, a final twist in the bookmaker’s predictions forecasted a victory for Ed, if a marginal one.

As anticipated, it was a close contest to the very end, but solely a two horse race. The system took us to fourth preference votes before a candidate passed the 50% margin. Dianne Abbott was the first to be knocked out, followed by Andy Burnham, then Ed Balls. As envisaged, the brothers were left, with David narrowly leading up until the 4th preference votes. However, in a final twist of fates, Ed Milliband passed the 50% margin first, edging in front of his older brother by just 1.3%. The final result was 50.65% of votes to Ed, and 49.35% to David.

The votes were cast by Trade Unions, Labour MP’s and MEP’s and Labour party members. David secured more votes from Labour MP’s than Ed; however, Ed managed to surpass his brother’s percentage of votes in the last stage due to his strong backing from the Trade Unions.

As the younger, somewhat overshadowed brother, Ed said he never could have imagined one day leading the Labour party. In his victory speech Ed declared that ‘a new generation has taken hold of Labour’ and positive change will ensue for the future. Despite the forced sibling rivalry throughout the contest, the fraternal love is apparently still robust, at least on Ed’s behalf, Ed announcing to the conference that he loves David as a brother and congratulating him for his campaign. Though David is clearly feeling crestfallen, he had always said he would be happy for Ed to win if he himself did not, and he will support him as a brother, as well as a member of a united opposition.

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