Political Promise

Ju Shardlow On… The Leader of the Opposition

In Ju Shardlow on September 29, 2010 at 1:21 pm

In a welcome break from blogging, Ju Shardlow has let us publish one of her poems. So we have. Enjoy!

It’s sunny now.
They’re coming over the hill
with these profound differences
we would have lost their jobs
and we would have reformed
we can accept this.  

Lets look at the responsible things
and huge problems.

We did some reforms. 
But i’m going to look at everything.
I’m going to use my huge, huge eyes.

Are there going to be any
universal benefits?
Can we look again?
Let’s look.
Let’s stare until it starts to rain.

  1. […] was big news this week. So much so Ju Shardlow wrote a poem to mark the occasion. Incidentally, on the 7th October she is aiming to set an unofficial world […]

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