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PP Live at the Tory Conference

In Archie Manners on October 3, 2010 at 6:37 pm

All week we shall hear from Archie Manners, who is in Birmingham for the Conservative Party conference.

Latest: Tuesday 4pm, “Comment before 5.30 on this page with questions for the Prime Minister!”

Tuesday 4pm: Last night was the live transmission of newsnight. Paxman was brilliant. I’m all hi glory at scrutinising the plans that the conservatives have recently put forward.

Ian Duncan Smith has just made a personal and heartfelt speech,  following on from Theresa May and Ken Clarke.

The good news is that during an interview I did on Radio 5 Live I managed to namedrop the website in- just about to do BBC Newcastle and then will be meeting the Prime Minister.

Comment before 5.30 on this page with questions for the Prime Minister!

Monday 5pm: A very famous journalist told me this afternoon that he thought George Osborne’s speech showed ‘real steel’, claiming that he came on so much in the ‘last eighteen months’.

I would absolutely agree with him on the first point. George looked confident, relaxed and altogether with it. He seems resilient in the face of difficult decisions, and the public are beginning to see the Chancellor as a serious man with serious policies chancellor he will prove to be. Atthe end of the day he is determined to what is best for the country.

Today it was announced that child benefit would be scrapped for those in the top tax bracket. I will be speaking with Ian Duncan Smith at some point because although I think that this is an extremely sensible policy, I am concerned that it may be hard and/or expensive to implement.

Tonight I will be at the Your View (with William Hague) and Newsnight recordings, as well as the Great British Pub Quiz and a ConHome party. I shall give you an update later – Eric Pickles followed by Jeremy Paxman sounds fun!

Monday 11am: Good morning from sunny Birmingham. Although we are just an hour in, there is lots to report on.

There are 14000 people here-of which 2000 are media and it shows. Last night, at the Northern Reception, the Prime Minister, Chancellor and the Foreign Secretary all came in whilst doing the rounds. They were hounded by the media and watching the politicians react to it  a lesson to anyone wanting to be in the public eye- just ignore them.

This morning I spoke at the infrastructure debate in the main hall in my role with the Dual the A1 campaign. The role of the media is huge here too- a young person stands up and instantly they are snapped!

Update later-  I have an exclusive interview with the PM for you!

Sunday 11am: If there is one place in the world where you can meet the PM, Rita Chakrabati, Guido Fawkes and some union protesters it’s Conservative Party Conference.

This morning- the fist day of conference- commenced with a morning news frenzy at the ICC. News crews from all over the world are reporting on this ‘historic’ conference. Once the morning news cycle had ended Hall 1 began to buzz. The National Convention (the voluntary party) had a meeting which David Cameron spoke at: with the Lord Ashcroft and Baroness Warsi looking on.

Tonight has got a speech from Boris in store- will keep you posted!

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