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English Defence League: The Irony of Idiocy

In Jamie Barclay on November 3, 2010 at 12:11 pm

By Jamie Barclay.

Two weeks ago The Sunday Times reported that Tommy Robinson has previously served a year in prison for assaulting a police officer and was a member of the BNP in 2004. Not a great start; but not enough to warrant total rejection. Leaders, past and present, have faced incarceration for proscribed behaviour – one man’s terrorists is another’s revolutionist (etc..); a sadly oversubscribed and popularised term symbolic of an eagerness to break a law or social code (no one has quite decided)  in the name of the greater good; a utilitarianism of supreme equality if you like. The term has been applied to Nelson Mandela, to members of the IRA and to Osama bin Laden. Is it meaningful? Yes. Is it useful? I would argue not.

Robinson and his throng of English Defence League advocates have failed to fully recognise the how serious the consequences of their actions could be. Sadly I feel many members of the EDL are under-educated and uninterested; they have vastly under-estimated and under-researched the soft strategy that militant groups mimicking al-Qaeda have adopted as their strategy for the international radicalisation of Islam – especially its youth. Division and fear are the two driving factors behind the radicalisation of Islam’s youth; division and fear is the preferred tactic of the EDL. Identifying differences in Islamic culture and will serve to isolate, scare and encourage moderate Muslims to take up the cause of their radical brothers.

The EDL claim they are not racists because they do not understand racism; to understand racism you have to understand why exclusion on the basis of religion is no different from ‘race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status’. I greatly doubt that many, if any, members of the EDL have given thought to the UN Declaration on Human Rights, an institution that stands to bolster heritage and tradition – the very thing for which the EDL are claiming to protect. Examples of racist acts are rampant in the demonstrations of the EDL. The vandalism of a Hindu temple in Dudley shows that the members responsible don’t understand what or why they are fighting, and shows that the group are shallow in their convictions.

The above questions the rationale behind the motives of the EDL. There is however a darker side to this problem: the EDL and other extremist right-wing groups are serving Islamic extremism. They are unwittingly bolstering recruitment in the UK, damaging inter-faith relations. They simply do not understand that they are playing into the hands of the very thing they hate. Their own anger and passion for what they call ‘English values’ have been manipulated – and the sad thing is the EDL have literally no idea this has happened.

By their own admission, al-Qaeda want division, they do not want peace. Al-Qaeda strategists are very clever, well-educated and plan for the long term. Many Mujahedeen have beaten the USSR; many of the same Mujahedeen may yet beat the combined forces of the US and NATO. The crude, pointless friction caused by petty, ignorant groups such as the EDL has long been predicted by Islamic strategists, they do not respect what they do not understand and are undermining the effort of our troops who are fighting this war.

  1. And all this in response to half a dozen or so idiots organised by Mr A. Chowdry in Luton.
    Tommy Paul Stephen Waxy-Lemon-Harris-Robinson, or what ever name he’s under this week, claims to be the starter of this rabble of football thugs on banning orders, but is he really?
    To me it looks more like a Chowdry creation, and as you point out, those involved too stupid to realise.

  2. “I greatly doubt that many, if any, members of the EDL have given thought to the UN Declaration on Human Rights, an institution that stands to bolster heritage and tradition – the very thing for which the EDL are claiming to protect.

    Which just goes to show your ignorance. Are you familiar with the OIC and their refusal to sign up to it. Have you read the “Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam” (CDHRI), which is the Islamic version?

    “the EDL and other extremist right-wing groups are serving Islamic extremism. They are unwittingly bolstering recruitment in the UK, damaging inter-faith relations.”

    Once again you show your ignorance. Violent jihad extremists are the least of our worries. The real problem is the stealth jihadists who are spreading Islamism by stealth, we are like a boiling frog, by the time we realise that the water is too hot, we will be too weak to jump out of the pot.

    • So the moronic cry of “Muslim Bombers Off Our Streets” is actually a cunning ploy to fool the “stealth jihadists” into thinking you’re not onto them?

      Do you acknowledge the paper thin claim that the EDL only opposes extremist muslims is false, and that it actually opposes all muslims?

      It seems to me that no matter what Muslims do, they are not welcome in your warped idea of what Britain is.

  3. Can Road Hog write that again, but this time, staying on topic and not falling back on brainlessly parroting unproven and easily discredited EDL rhetoric?

  4. I’m not discussing, or in fact do I mention, the varying degree’s of threat posed by Islamism. I’m suggesting the tactics of the EDL are counter-productive to their own strategy; hence the irony, which they haven’t grasped, nor you apparently. Nor am I discussing our own strategy in relation to the problem; so I don’t really see how your reptilian metafour is applicable. Good work.

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