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American Mid-term Elections: Democracy is Dead… RIP

In Pav Sandhu on November 4, 2010 at 9:52 am

The Midterm Elections has certainly changed the agenda for Congress and for the Presidency. All Pav Sandhu can say is “Congratulations America you’ve pissed off the whole world yet again!”

I’m not sure that America understands that the last time there was a federal Republican victory, the Republicans acted as tyrants, bringing the America we used to respect and admire into disgraced, corrupt nation full of bigoted hypocrites. Well after another victory for the Republicans, not much has changed! We thought that this had changed after the elections for a Democratic controlled Congress and the historic victory for Barack Obama. Yet this has all changed within two years. Americans have proved that they are still bigoted hypocrites. Bravo!

When watching some voters being interviewed, one was annoyed at Obama’s policy against BP and his policy for healthcare! Interestingly when the BP Chief Executive was questioned by a joint session of Congress, the Republicans had no policy and was criticising the President for taking direct action against a private company! Furthermore in regards for healthcare reform, the Republicans actually in fact boycotted many of the congressional meetings! What’s the opposite of progress? A Republican Congress! I would like to state that this is not an attack on America or Americans. This is an attack on the Tea Party movement in America who accuse the President of being an extremist or in Glenn Beck’s words (so many idiotic phrases to choose from) “A Soviet-Nazi Federal Government.” Now I can’t imagine Barack Obama being a member of the NSDAP, which is the equivalent of a member of the NAACP being a member of the Ku Klux Klan!

This brings me on to my next point. The President and Congress have separate elections. So two years ago, America had voted for Obama’s Change that they could believe in, yet two years later they are frustrated as change has not happened and decided to vote in the people who were in fact preventing the change. This logic is absurd. That to me is like agreeing with Nick Griffin’s policy to better race relations by opposing political correctness, or voting for a Conservative government to cut the budget and then complaining against any form of cuts.

Judging by Jon Stewart’s and Stephen Colbert’s Rally to Restore Sanity/Fear and Glenn Beck’s so called Rally to Restore Honor, it seems that this Tea Party movement shows no signs of helping the average American, considering they wanted them not to have general health insurance. This is why democracy is dead. Politicians and Media Personalities such as Glenn Beck are using the economic crisis to gain power (cough Nazis cough.) Something I am sure that the Founding Fathers would object to. American politics is no more than a game. Unfortunately those that need the help will inevitably be the biggest losers. It took two political satirists to organize a rally to calm people down, ensuring that they think through their decisions when they took to the polls. Unfortunately the rally to restore sanity in America has failed as there is now an insane House of Representatives. These American Politicians do not understand what the average American is going through. This will be seen evident in the sessions of Congress, whereby the Republicans will try to pass laws in favour of social conservatism, when instead they should be passing laws on how to kick start the economy, making decent healthcare affordable to even the poorest American, ensuring children go to school in efforts to better their life. These are the things that politicians should be doing, not scoring political points against each other.

This Tea Party movement has capitalised on the disaffected American voters. This Tea Party wants family values at the heart of America. That in theory seems reasonable, however figures like Newt Gringich stress that family life is what made America! However the public soon came to find out how much a family man Gringich was. The host of the Daily Show, Jon Stewart showed America that his family values were full of crap. Broadcasting on Comedy Central, Jon Stewart informed Americans that he in fact he was such a family man that he cheated on his wife whilst she was receiving cancer treatment! He then went his beloved wife in hospital to discuss a divorce settlement! He then married his mistress and found another one during the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. What an amazing family figure this man is. Also this party has major links with the EDL. Isn’t it Ironic how they call Obama a Nazi?

So what does this mean for President Obama? America has voted for a Republican controlled House of Representatives, as America is currently involved in a major economic crisis, this is Obama’s Kryptonite. The House of Representatives have the biggest leverage against the President; the federal budget. They must approve the annual budget set by the Executive. Without the approval, the economic situation would be even more unstable than it is today. The last time there was a Democratic Presidency with a Republican House of Representatives, the budget came under close scrutiny, with both the executive and the legislature disagreeing on federal monies, as a result many government departments shut down for nine months. The entire civil service was out of work. Republicans usually see the budget as balancing the books as opposed to deficit spending. This will pose a giant problem for the President as he must work intensively in order to make the White House and Congress enter a deal of cooperation.

If Obama wants to survive the next two years let alone his election campaign he will be forced to ensure that all Democratic senators; the liberals, the centrists and the conservatives will show a united front against the Republicans. He will also have to play Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton a lot more to Congress to prove that his party is able to bring America out of the deficit with a booming economy creating surplus funds. Also he must gain the support of each individual State government. However this seems unlikely. The Republicans will want to try and shift some of this responsibility to the State government so they have more power to deal with the real problems. A tactic which could backfire heavily on both parties.

As for me, I can’t wait to see if Glenn Beck compares the right-wing, mad, xenophobic, fascist Tea Party to the right-wing, mad, xenophobic, fascist Nazis.

“Only in America eh?”

That’s because the rest of the world is intelligent.

  1. Very well written! You write of what many Americans like myself are well aware of: there is a progressive, sane European country in the US that can’t get away from the hillbilly TV casualties that vote Republican. We remain an intellectual backwater because the corporate controlled media has convinced the poor to vote against itself. We are not all like that, I promise you.

  2. Well thank you very much, I would like to stress the fact that this article is not an attack on the country, its an attack on people like Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly the “pinheads” if you will. From my prespective they are twisting the intentions of the founding fathers (non-party politics). The worst thing about this is that the progress that Obama has made will be overturned in the next few days.

  3. This is no place to covet business Mike, this comment has been deleted.

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