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Remembrance Day

In Matt Gardner on November 10, 2010 at 5:50 pm

Matt Gardner talks about Remembrance Day, and why you should pay your respects.

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day, a day where all over the world people think back to The World Wars, and pay their respects to those who fell during WW2 and WW1. Or do they?

All across the Europe and the World, groups of people have silences as a mark of respect to honour the dead. But, to my utter disgust, I saw a group of people talking near me during a Armistice Service. Not only this, but they were laughing because someone had the surname “gay”. Granted, in some situations that would be slightly amusing –  Tyson Gay the American sprinter had his name censored to “Tyson Homosexual” and that is amusing. But in this context, it’s just completely unacceptable.

It got me thinking. During the course of the year, how many times do you think of people who have given their lives in the hope that future generations can lead better lives? Not much. But why? Surely we owe an unpayable debt to these people, yet once a year we are reminded of them. Obviously some people lost close friends and family during the World Wars, and they cannot forget.

We are now coming to a time where veterans of both wars are starting to die out. Last year Sir Henry Allingham, and Harry Patch were the last two survivors of WW1 to die. Now we are coming to the stage where WW2 veterans are starting to slowly die out, and having a met a few veterans myself, it is truly moving to talk to them. Very few veterans talk of their service, let alone of either of the wars they served in – the memories are simply too horrible. Many are still emotionally and physically scarred, and here some people are laughing at their sacrifice?

As a young generation, we HAVE to remember what these people did for us, and we must commemorate them. We should go above and beyond simply buying a poppy – donate a small sum of money, offer to help at Chelsea Pensioners – whatever. Please, do your bit for Armistice Day, and pay your respects to those who have  given so much for us.

Matt Gardner

  1. What is Armistice day actually about? Granted, for some it is a chance for families to remember their loved ones. But now those people are dying out, as you said, and so too are there families. Why is it we never remember those peace workers who died helping people without a gun in their hand? Or those others, eg. American soldiers or the millions of Russian soldiers who are the reason the Axis didn’t ‘win’ the war? White comrade, my friend. White poppies

  2. We may be disgusted by people who show a lack of respect to Remembrance Day, but let’s be thankful for the fact that they CAN show the lack of respect without retribution, and that it’s supposed to be funny to joke about homosexuals, not deadly…

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