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Tuition Fees: Your Thoughts

In Uncategorized on November 12, 2010 at 4:52 pm


  1. I think students are being very selfish when they argue for no rise, or even a drop, but I think the proposed limit is too high.

  2. My course is £3,400 for the year for which I receive 8 hours a week of seminars (2 of which are wasted on listening to PhD students present their research/basic research tips) where students discuss the topics of the week and a tutor is only there to clarify any points, and I am given a reading list for the rest of the course. Unless I will see a substantial increase in the amount of teaching I am to receive for higher fees, I’m unlikely to give any great backing to a rise in costs.

  3. Students should pay whatever the market rate is, but the market rate needs to come down by a lot. Currently, price is high because demand is high but supply is restricted, and the Government will be foolish to continue subsidising demand. Instead, it should focus on using non-price methods to increase the supply of university places. Prices will come down, and everybody wins.

  4. Where’s the £0 option!?

  5. Even the oft-deluded Lib Dems have seen sense and realise a university degree can be supplied by the state for free – and still be competitive, worthwhile and financially-benefical for society Matt.

  6. And the majority of us don’t get off ‘Scot’ free.

    See what I did there?

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