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In Defence of the Coalition Government

In David Brownsey-Joyce on November 15, 2010 at 3:57 pm

David Brownsey-Joyce spent the last week doing nothing and considered what would happen if the Coalition Government did the same.

I’ve just come back from a week’s annual leave and it was refreshing to get out of London, the hectic pace of life running at 100 miles per hour, to just stop and think. And I thought to myself what would happen if the Coalition Government just kicked back and did nothing?

It occurs to me that it would be easy for the Government to just sit back and snipe at Labour, to just spend the entire duration of parliament just kicking back and taking pot shots at Labour for their recent record. It is certainly easier than trying to tackle the difficulties we all face now and in the future.

Crippling debt, a challenging economic environment, a failing transport system, a funding gap in university education, and many more; there are so many issues that we face at the moment that sometimes it can be overwhelming.

These problems are all screaming at us at once, that it’s just become one big noise and we can’t hear ourselves think, but the Government is trying to do something about it. They are trying; whether they get things right or wrong only time will tell, but they are trying.

Resting on our Laurels

Whether you like them or not, the Coalition Government could be the best thing that has happened to the UK for a long time. They are not bound by the ideologies of either the left or right wing, they have enough cover to work in the centre and work for what they think the majority need not the loudest minorities within their own parties.

This is a time when we will see great change, it will be painful, it will cost people and it will (in my opinion) result in a change at the next election. The Coalition Government has to decide to forget about the next election, because put simply it doesn’t matter who is in power now they will be punished at the next election for doing what they think is right.

The left will scream that we should be protecting the public sector at all costs, opening up education further, getting the state more involved in this difficult time; the right will contest that we need to encourage business, shrink the state, and let the cream rise to the top through open market; whilst the centre will pick and choose what they think is right for the moment, they will cut and protect the public sector in different parts, encourage business, and aim to let the cream rise to the top in both education and the market place.

We have a unique situation where people are seeing two parties agreeing on a way forward, that’s something we have never seen before and people have to be asking themselves ‘if two are agreeing then surely we should give it a go.’

It’s strange because we are not used to seeing this, we are used to seeing politicians slagging each other off not agreeing with each other, this moment is too important to let slip through our fingers, we cannot allow the Government to let it go unnoticed they need to make it count and to set the agenda for the next half century. We cannot allow our politicians to just sit on their laurels.

  1. one can argue that it can go both ways

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