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Royal weddings… The ultimate antidote to media sanity

In Aaron Frazer on November 21, 2010 at 7:00 am

Aaron Frazer on the wedding on William and Katie: our second post on the subject, further perpetuating the media saturation of the “Wedding of the Decade”. Bored yet? Read this.

Apparently, in the midst of economic gloom, in the face of drastic cuts to services and a precarious 2018 World Cup bid, the nation has something to look forward to. Jobs and economic stability? Slim-lined yet more effective public services? Er, no. Prince William, has decided that “Waity Katie” has been far too patient, far too patient indeed. I half expect the tabloid press to reveal in the next few days, through a labyrinth of ‘pals’, ‘insiders’ and ‘aides’, that he does not want to marry  and actually hates her. He just admired her monumental patience and felt a bit bad. As well as providing a nice story in itself, the media has a lovely cliché-strewn narrative to feed on. One  which, incidentally, just keeps on giving. Because both William and Kate are tastefully reticent and reserved, it leaves the press free make up everything as they go along. The main strand of the media coverage thus far is that Kate Middleton will be somehow be ‘completed’  by this cathartic process of matrimony, relived of the stress and strains of constantly pining for a husband. So far, much of the press has been careful not to present this story as reflecting what is an utterly normal process, involving  one exceptional participant. In love couple, meet at university, stay together for eight years and get engaged in their late 20s. No, instead, it is open season for a panoply of nauseating gender stereotypes and obsessive class fetishism.  To reinforce the fact that nothing can please me, I would particularly hate it if media pressure ensures that the royals show restraint and arrange a Lidl-style wedding full of ill-fitting Polyester dinner jackets, Poundshop bunting and Madeira wedding cake. If we cannot have a royal family which is outrageously opulent, incessantly rubbing our nose in it  with their combination of outrageous wealth  and minuscule tax contributions, there is no point  of them at all. So thanks Kate and William, you have inadvertently sabotaged what was a popular press  renowned for its visceral hatred of sensationalism and a propensity for accurate, balanced reporting. Worst of all, you have made sections of the media I hate, genuinely happy and joyfully expectant. Cheers.


  1. I find the characterisation of the Royal family as “outrageously opulent, incessantly rubbing our nose in it with their combination of outrageous wealth and minuscule tax contributions” both distasteful and incorrect. The Royal family as an instituion brings in far more in terms of tourist revenue than they could / would ever pay in tax, and given that most of their wealth is tied up in listed and unsellable properties, badly in need of serious repair, thier actual disposabl;e income is far less than many people think.

  2. I agree with Gus. The above are petty bourgeoisie sentiments; and these are the same bourgeoisie who did not make it big so they take it out on the Royals – pathetic.

    As if the media was ever sane lolz. X-Factor is everwhere, vomit.

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