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Cause for Celebrations

In Michael Pickles on November 30, 2010 at 6:21 am

In light of the debate surrounding the costs of policing the next Royal Wedding, Michael Pickles argues why we shouldn’t hesitate in celebrating our monarchy.

Prince William is getting married. Fantastic. This is indeed good timing to receive such happy news both here and in other Commonwealth realms. I, for one, am fed up with the gloom and doom news: the suicides, the knife crimes and X Factor drama that the cheap mass media constantly prostitute their headlines for. The royal marriage will assure our national integrity and British and Commonwealth unions. We need this positive event.

If the young couple are initiating reforms in the succession laws to allow Catholics to marry future heirs and precedence no longer accorded to the male line, that’s great. The risk of a Catholic takeover and usurpation of Great Britain is long gone and misconceptions on the ability of women to reign are no longer true and the norm. Such changes are necessary.

People who transform themselves into the Grinch during these times of celebration are truly the bane of society. There is nothing more tragic for us as a nation than to measure the worth and value of our monarchy by how much is going to be spent on it.

That is cynicism and petty bourgeoisie mentality at its finest.

These petty bourgeoisie usually veil their odious provocations in republican sentiments. If we do go down the (usual) line of costs then perhaps we should encourage the government to have a wholesale on our art treasures. Some paintings are worth millions, it’s absolutely ridiculous for us to keep that money locked in paintings that we don’t often see when it could be sold to private bankers and foreign collectors who can afford it.

What about those bloody castles? Or those tiresome cathedrals and churches? Sell them all. Pull the plug. Who really needs them anyways when we have this recession and cuts going on when we could squeeze millions from wholesaling those pretentious and overstated stacks of masonry work on eBay – there are always buyers on eBay. Tesco probably would not mind picking up another church for another outlet.

Of course this economic situation is serious. However, this is not the first and neither will it be the last. To suddenly table plans to pull the plug on the monarchy or undermine Prince William and Miss Middleton’s wedding plans with superficial outrage over costs is irrational and uncalled for.

If the economic recession is the reason why we are justifying the chastisement of the royal wedding, why stop there? Let’s cancel Christmas as well. Pull the plug on all the illuminations, save money. Get rid of those public Christmas trees. They are unnecessary costs. In fact, why don’t we all just go home and sit this one out and the next dozen Christmases too until the economic recession is over? Did you know that the UK is still a contributor in foreign aid? Let’s pull the plug on that too. I mean why bother handing money out to poor countries ravaged by diseases and illnesses when we have an economic recession here? We need to save money. Forget them. Why did we bother with 2012? We should be like North Korea. They don’t bother themselves with international events.

Do we feel better about ourselves as a nation when we start examining and measuring aspects of our national and cultural heritage and symbolism along the lines of costs? The monarchy, our art treasures, castles and cathedrals all require upkeep both publicly and privately. Those are our national attributes in a world filled with similar attributes of foreign nations who do not flinch at celebrating and promoting them.

Except in Britain it seems.

It is a fact of life for a great state such as ours to have certain costs and upkeep to maintain, including the monarchy. If we are going to examine the costs of the monarchy and royal weddings, then the same principle has to be applied to everything else as well.

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