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Miliband: Prove That You Can Lead

In David Brownsey-Joyce on January 4, 2011 at 12:52 pm

David Brownsey-Joyce received a Christmas card from the Labour Party asking him to rejoin but needs to see actions rather than spin.

Getting a Christmas card is always a nice thing and it’s especially nice to receive one from someone you thought had forgotten about you, but when I got one from the Labour Party I have to admit I was a little put off.

The card itself was very nice, the front cover had a picture of Westminster covered in snow, whether that is the best choice of an image considering how this country didn’t really handle the latest big freeze is debatable; saying that it is at least festive.

The inside carried Ed Miliband’s personal message summarising the year and his future plans, along with an appeal for those who had left the party to rejoin. It also had a nice smiling picture of Ed looking almost identical to David Cameron.

All of this was very nice, however there was no substance. Whilst space is always going to be in short supply in a Christmas card it does at least give you enough room to spell out one thing. What is Ed Miliband’s key idea? Why does he want to be Prime Minister?

These are what I am looking for when I make up my mind at a ballot box. Can I relate to the idea of an individual representing me, my neighbourhood, my country?

At the 2010 general election and the latest by-election in my area I voted Liberal Democrat because I met and liked what the candidates had to say, I could relate to what their leader said but I can’t see myself doing that for Labour anytime soon.

The vast majority will be slightly worse off this year, not in the least because of the VAT increase in goods, but also a stagnant jobs market means that the opportunity to move up is less available than it was, a fresh wave of graduates will be flooding the market in six months at a time when there are still many who can’t find their first role and public sector cuts about to significantly bite.

This is the time to batten down the hatches and survive, there will be those who thrive and good for them but for the majority of us it will be a case of tightening belts further and hanging on by our fingernails to maintain our pampered standard of living.

All in all it’s a good time to be in opposition and there will be plenty of ammunition to throw at the Coalition Government but what then. Labour could sling mud but what would they do? The Coalition Government have set their stall out, as much government as they can afford, no more, no less. There are those on the right of the Coalition who think the cuts should be deeper and those on the left who think it should be less. The centre will get us through this recession.

Where does Labour stand? I know that they think the cuts should be less but it’s too late for that, these cuts are going to happen. What are Labour going to do afterwards? What is their plan for the next Parliament?

These are what I want to know and I won’t be looking to join a party that I hold dear to my heart until I know what their leader actually stands for. From this card I don’t have a clue, all I do know is that Labour are not punctual, card arrived on the 30th December, and they don’t care about the environment, won’t someone think of the trees.

Next year, send an e-card.



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