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A Gay Republican President? Fred Karger thinks so.

In Dan Owens on February 16, 2011 at 9:03 am

Fred Karger the American political strategist is Dan Owens‘ potential contender for the Republican presidential nomination.

Only 4 years after the United States elected it first black president to the office of the President, it seems that GOP faithful Fred Karger has set his eyes on the White House in 2012. If Mr. Karger decided to run, there will be something that differentiates him from the other expected Republican candidates such as Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush; he will be the first openly gay candidate to run for the highest office in the United States.

Historically working as a political strategist, Mr Karger has never held elected office but has worked on nine presidential campaigns including those of Gerald Ford, Ronald Regan and George H. W. Bush and has strong connections within the GOP. In his current campaign commercial he declares that he “need(s) some help from my friends in New Hampshire, I am strongly considering running for president in 2012”, running on the theme of “Fred Who?”, Mr Karger has already established his exploratory committee and has visited New Hampshire, approximately 11 times, more than any other prospective candidate in the 2012 race.

Having never held office, he is using money that he has saved through his consultancy days working for political campaigns and anti-smoking ban campaigns in California. He plays on his nice guy reputation and wants everyone to acknowledge that, especially the young gay community who are sometimes overlooked and naturally politically apathetic during election campaigns.

It costs nothing to run for the White House, the list of 2008 presidential candidates is 366 people long and includes Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barack Obama, John McCain as well as Temperance Alesha Lance-Council and His Royal Majesty Caesar St. Augustine de Buonaparte. At the moment Fred’s campaign consists of campaign commercials, bumper stickers, Frisbees and badges that combine the American flag with the Gay Rights movement rainbow, costing him very little, however, the one thing that you need in order to become president is money; Barack Obama raised over $500,000,000. In addition you also need the media on your side and catchy slogans such as “change”, “yes we can” and “hope”. According to the Washington Post, Fred has very little capital (compared to expected candidate Donald Trump) and is currently spending between $20,000 and $30,000 per month.

Why is he running? He says it is because the “GOP needs a pro-choice, antiwar, freedom-for-all, spend thrift compromiser inspired by Theodore Roosevelt”, but maybe he is a little too liberal to run for the GOP with supporters commenting that he “sounds like a Democrat” and while Fred acknowledges this, he still has a long road ahead of him. The questions remains as to whether he can win over centrist states like New Hampshire as well as conservative supporters and whether he has the political and economic capital to form a serious challenge in the race to the White House is 2012.

Further information on Fred Karger’s potential campaign can be viewed at http://www.fredkarger.com.


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