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Let’s agree to disagree

In David Brownsey-Joyce on February 24, 2011 at 8:45 am

With the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister on different sides of the upcoming Alternative Vote referendum, David Brownsey-Joyce worries about the stability of the Coalition Government.

David Cameron and Nick Clegg have both set out their stalls for the upcoming referendum on the 5th May, on the Alternative Vote (AV) electoral system to replace the current First-Past-the-Post system.

The Prime Minister is firmly in the camp that we should continue with the current system to maintain stability, whilst the Deputy Prime Minister is leading the charge for change to increase accountability.

My concern is that this issue is so divisive it could destabilise the Coalition Government, despite reassurances issued by Deputy Prime Minister last week that regardless of the referendum’s outcome the Coalition would remain. The reason I worry is that this issue is going to affect MP’s jobs. There are a number of them that fear they could lose their seat if the AV is introduced and as such I expect the campaigning on both sides is going to become very ugly.

This issue is a personal one to every single sitting MP, it is not divided along party lines so much as by personal stance; there are those that maintain the status quo must be maintained for stability, that hung Parliaments would become the norm. They fear the influence of third parties and the requirement to make deals on issues they hold as fundamental to the core values.

Why vote NO

Stability through strength, strength in numbers, that is what the ‘NO camp’ want people to believe; that a strong Government comes in the form of one party; naturally excluding the current Coalition Government that has come together to solve the current economic mess we find ourselves in, they are bedfellows of circumstance not choice.

This is the core message, not the cost associated or the complexity of the system; rather that it could lead to compromise.

Why vote YES

Accountability through higher standards, more votes counted towards the individual and MPs having to work harder to retain their seats. All very important but really what they are saying is that we need a new system because the old one doesn’t work any more that we have a system in place that favours those that can mobilise their party members rather than seek new voters. That individual votes don’t count.

This is the core message, that individual votes don’t count in the current system and MPs have become complacent because of it, all the other issues associated with elections can be traced back to a detachment voters can feel to the process of elections.

Who is right?

Both sides make good points. A stable Government is stronger and more appealing but voter turnout and belief in the system has dropped as people feel they cannot make a difference to a system that churns out career politicians that all seem alike to the general public.

This is why it could become incredibly divisive because both sides are right and they both believe they are right. The thing is that they are both wrong as well but try getting a politician, any politician to say that and mean it.

The system does need change but whether that means a full overhaul or just tackling the problem of rubbish politicians is different; we need inspiration, whether that is through a campaign or through an individual we need it.

I just hope that regardless of the result, the Prime Minister and his deputy can shake hands and continue to do the work they are doing; we have enough problems to deal with without them falling out as well.

  1. “WRITER APPLICATION” It seems that we have just given in to the Lib Dems, both parties have buckled at the knees with the opportunity of power. For the Tories it was a dead certain thing of gaining the most seats in the Election anything else would have been a waste of Cameron’s time and effort in the years of his time in opposition let alone the parties 13 years in the shadows. As for the Liberal Democrats this coalition will be the only time they will have a shot at running the show because they’ve just lost the next generation of voters with their lies regarding tuition fees.

    The Lib Dems are a bad influence on politics, they’ve infected Miliband with the opportunistic bug. The Lib Dems are purely out for power, if they cannot get the votes under FPTP then they will change it so that their few votes are counted several times, to me this is just a case of bad sportsmanship. If you don’t win, don’t go home and make your own medal!

    NO2AV is the only way to keep One Vote, One Person and to show the Lib Dems that they have lost it. Lost it for good. “WRITER APPLICATION”

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