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Cameron Promises This Budget To Be Most Pro-Growth In A Generation

In Newswire on March 8, 2011 at 7:00 am

David Cameron announces that the forthcoming budget will be for the “go-getters and grafters” of society.

Cameron is keen to shift the debate away from the cuts, and on to how enterprise will stimulate growth in the economy. He said to conference delegates in Cardiff: “So you want to know my strategy for growth? When people say ‘spend lots more money’ I say forget it – Labour spent it all. There’s only one strategy for growth we can have now… and that is rolling up our sleeves and doing everything possible to make it easier for people to start a business to grow a businesses.”

The budget, set to be announced on the 23rd March, will detail the Conservative’s plans to ease the burden of paperwork associated with setting up a new company, set up a grant scheme of up to £2,000 for new business start-ups and to create “enterprise zones” where taxes and planning rules are cut to fast-track new business into the area.

Enterprise zones transformed London’s docklands in the 1980s, and could be the timely boost needed in the West Midlands and the North East. 10 areas are going to be set up, with over £100 million already earmarked for the scheme.

George Osborne hinted in his speech, at the Conservative party’s Spring Forum, held in Cardiff this year, that fuel duty would be cut as the price of petrol soars above 140p.

Other potential policies mooted in the budget include the abolishment of the compulsory retirement age and a commitment to reducing the 50% higher tax band, yet growth remains the priority for the Coalition.

Cameron targeted the “enemies of enterprise” in his speech on Sunday.

” I can announce today that we are taking on the enemies of enterprise. The bureaucrats in government departments who concoct those ridiculous rules and regulations that make life impossible, particularly for small firms.

The town hall officials who take forever with those planning decisions that can be make or break for a business – and the investment and jobs that go with it.

The public sector procurement managers who think that the answer to everything is a big contract with a big business and who shut out millions of Britain’s small and medium sized companies from a massive potential market.”

WATCH: David Cameron’s Speech in Full

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