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How Safe is Clegg?

In George O'Keefe on March 17, 2011 at 1:40 pm

George O’Keefe was dismayed that £2 million was spent on protecting Nick Clegg at the Liberal Democrat conference last weekend.

How safe do you feel in your hometown? Well if you’re asking our Deputy Prime Minister that

Clegg speaking at De Montfort University, Leic...

Clegg talking to De Monfort students in the run-up to the General Election

question then he’ll definitely be walking around his constituency in a Stab Vest like Harriet Harman did many years ago. It was leaked £2 million pounds of our money was spent on protecting Nick Clegg at his party conference in Sheffield after claims that his target electorate are planning to kidnap him. Can we blame the students for trying?

The Daily Mail reported that South Yorkshire police erected a 6 ft fence around Clegg’s town hall after a student plot to nab Clegg whilst on stage while evading the security was uncovered. Maybe Michael Gove will be adding that skill now to the new English Baccalaureate. It’s understandable that they’re angry but is kidnap the best way to show Clegg how you feel? In an interview last year Clegg disclosed that he has been spat on in the street and he was sent a “Special Delivery” of not-so-pleasant dropping that were posted through his letter box. A tad too far maybe, but some might say that the price you pay for power, and effectively lying to your constituents. Clegg has suffered a massive blow in popularity not only has Sheffield Hallam ditched the once optimistic Lib Dem after axing the bailout of a local company, Sheffield Forgemasters but his party was shown the red card in the Barnsley by-election on the 3rd March as they were knocked down to sixth place.

As 10,000 people marched on Sheffield to denounce Clegg as their MP can he really bounce back, I’m sure that this £2 million protection fund isn’t going to disappear from our memories (maybe from our bank accounts), with police numbers being cut and pay being frozen is £2 million money well spent for a man who is ranking 8% in the opinion polls? With Sheffield home to over 40,000 students we could have seen the likes of the Millbank Tower ambush once again. He may have survived the weekend (physically) unharmed, but it begs the question… how much would you pay for Nick Clegg? Don’t forget to include the 20% VAT.


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