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The Great Libyan Conspiracy

In Michael Pickles on April 20, 2011 at 11:12 am

It is becoming apparent now that Libya is going down the same path as Iraq. To hear Western Leaders with the backing of Arab princes calling on Colonel Qaddafi to just leave sounds eerily familiar, writes Michael Pickles.

What began as a revolution was changed into something else with NATO and other military allies’ intervention. Regime change is at the top of the agenda of the conspirators behind this foreign intervention of one Arab state’s revolution.

Various politicians across the political spectrum in this country have been employing, in an irresponsible and uneducated manner, the cases of The Balkans and Rwanda as the so-called moral basis to intervene in Libya. The fear of a massacre clause. The origin of that claim has yet to be convincingly verified, it still stinks of the same 45 minutes nonsense claimed by Mr. Blair in the lead-up to the Iraq War. Libya cannot be strung up with what happened in The Balkans and Rwanda due to two reasons;

1)    What is happening in Libya is a revolution. What happened in the Balkans and Rwanda were cases of terror regimes. The Balkans and Rwanda saw the ascension into the military and political classes of a small number of genocidal maniacs. With their positions of authority and power they pursued their heinous crimes. These cases are so exceptional and bizarre, that is why they are so horrifying. Colonel Qaddafi has been in power for 30 odd years, those who committed the crimes in The Balkans and Rwanda did not wait around 30 odd years to commit their crimes and neither did they last 30 years after the crimes. Qaddafi is many things, a genocidal maniac he is not. He is the state and fighting back the rebels by killing them in order to re-assert his authority is part of the struggles in a revolution. That is what is happening.

2)    The only way we can accept the validity of employing the cases of The Balkans and Rwanda as the moral grounds to intervene in Libya (with a UN Security Council Resolution), is we need to be consistent. That means we need to refer Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan and Syria to the UN Security Council for condemnation and calls for intervention. Are we? No, we remain deliberately silent. We pay the usual lip-service, but we commit to nothing. I think by now more protestors are killed in Bahrain than before protestors in Libya took up arms and engaged in a violent revolution. Are the same MPs employing The Balkans and Rwanda to calling for a UN intervention and no-fly-zones in Bahrain? No. Thus the moral grounds presented here for Libya are invalidated and are made suspicious.

Our military intervention I think is politically damaging. It is damaging because what could have been a case of the Libyan people overthrowing their dictator in a revolution followed by their own state-building, is now a case of Great Britain and others assuming the role of state-building. Libya could have been Tunisia and Egypt. Now, if we fail to do this or that for the Libyans, they will complain and hold us responsible rather than themselves because their revolution was turned into something else by us.

Another damaging consequence I think in our military intervention is that we stopped the unraveling of Qaddafi’s military due to defections. The revolution was happening across Libyan society including the military. Why did those two Libyan jets defected to Malta? They did not want to kill their own people. Now that British planes are in the air, they are legitimate targets that Qaddafi soldiers won’t hesitate in firing at. We have provided Qaddafi the means to restore discipline within his military by providing them legitimate targets – us! I think the defections totally stopped. How many rebels have we accidentally killed? It will be a matter of time when the Libyan people’s patience with us begins to strain.

Furthermore, our intervention in Libya is not internationally backed despite it being sanctioned by the Security Council. China, Russia, Brazil, India and even Germany did not back the Security Council Resolution. In fact we are going in there with the worst sort of allies like the Arab League, a League of the same princes and military dictators that Arabs are trying to overthrow. Of course the ruling dynasties are willing to send European made warplanes to “protect” the people of Libya from claims of massacres, they want the revolution to be distorted into something else so that they can quell their revolutions.

Our country is being taken down a very dangerous path by David Cameron and William Hague with no clear basis other than my belief that there is a conspiracy developing where regime change is at the top of the agenda. Only that narrative can explain the offensive act of allying with Arab princes in our operations in Libya and the use or misuse of The Balkans and Rwanda as the moral grounds in Libya, but nowhere else. There are still very strong feelings in the United States about Lockerbie and this whole affair I believe is pay-back for Qaddafi, never mind the Libyans.

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  2. What I’ve been saying from the start, people aren’t calling me stupid any more haha. Good article

  3. Hi John,

    Saw your article and the comments attached to it. Now I understand your statement. It’s bizarre how some people can be so fixated on Libya alone and completely forget history and miss out on current parallels.

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