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Clegg: Bad Guy Doing Good?

In Conor Campbell on May 26, 2011 at 7:04 am

Conor Campbell is starting to have sympathy for Clegg. “Many see a man drowning in a sea of depression, I see something slightly different. As a Labour Party member this view I have of the Cleggster worries me.” 

In movies we often see a leading bad guy, or coward, hire a sidekick to assist with their evil deeds. This sidekick initially takes all the knocks and pain thrown at the evil genius in order to protect his master, and prove his loyalty. However as the movies progresses the leader is seen to mistreat and neglect his sidekick, inevitably casing the side kick to ‘snap’, turn on his master and thus with his attack on the leading villain, the sidekick becomes a ‘good guy’. I talk about these movies scenarios because I truly believe there is a strong possibility of this playing out in the coalition.

Nick Clegg has been the target man for those looking to oppose the tuition fees rise and was used as a whipping boy during the ‘No to AV’ campaign, with Cameron seemingly passing through painlessly. At grass roots levels members of the Lib Dem Party are calling for Clegg to step down, and I would imagine there are a few higher up the chain thinking the same, but keeping it to themselves, for now. Although Clegg is now attempting to come out as the man who is standing against the NHS reforms, I doubt the Tories will allow him to take any credit for any positive changes made to the bill.

So again Clegg is being knocked back and once again taking the crashing blows to his cranium. A man’s pride will only allow so much disrespect before his limit is reached and he hits the self destruct button. I am not sure when it will come but I can imagine that eventually, with the cabinet are gathered around their table, Clegg stands up, tells ‘call me Dave’ where he can get off and storms out of number 10, instantaneously sending his popularity shots through the roof.

People love a rebel; we love a prodigal son returning home and if Labour is not careful we will get swept aside when the inevitable happens. We have seen it before as a fickle public forget about an individual’s wrongs doing in order to praise him for their most recent actions. If this happens Clegg will be heralded as the man who had the courage to stand up to the Tories and take away the power from them.

I know I sound slightly delusional and maybe I should stop watching so much Hollywood drivel, but I simply cannot shake this uneasy feeling. We, the Labour Party, need to put more empathises on attacking the Tories. For now we are wasting time on knocking the Lib Dems and our performance in the council elections had far more to do with their unpopularity than our popularity.

Further reading: http://nickclegglookingsad.tumblr.com/

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