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About Political Promise

Political Promise was set up in January 2010 with one simple principle: to provide political commentary, comment and opinion in a clear and accesible fashion for all ages and intellects. The website was set up and is completely maintained and contributed to by young people. Every writer has a career background in politics, history, international affairs, journalism or law, and a social background in charity work and volunteering, from Haiti to Haringey.

This website has no party affiliation, although many of the team are party-affiliated. In an age of gerimandering politicians, investing in duck houses rather than their constituents, unaccountable financiers who may generate great wealth in ‘boom’, but had a hand in the downturn too, Britain is not always getting a fair deal. All parties are accused of breaking promises, so here is a Political Promise for you – the voice of tomorrow is here, it’s credible, it’s interesting and it’s worth listening to.

In December 2010, Political Promise launched its first magazine, which can be downloaded for free in exchange for a Tweet, or a Facebook message: http://wp.me/pLkUw-t1.

Editorial Team

Charlie Edwards is the Founder and Editor of Political Promise. He currently writes his own personal current affairs blog, as well as a regular column in a football magazine. He is an activist for the Conservative Party, and is currently on a gap year between high school and university. In his spare time, his hobbies are playing sport, charity work, amateur dramatics (especially musicals) and watching his beloved West Ham United Football Club.

Will Obeney is an Associate Editor of Political Promise. Aside from currently studying his AS levels, he provides a sideways glance at the political landscape, with many innovative and ingenious ways to make the world a better place. In his spare time, he enjoys playing and watching numerous sports: he is a season ticket holder at Sutton United FC.

Matt Gardner is an Associate Editor to Political Promise, a Surrey Boy, born and bred. He has lived in Sutton all his life, and scrutinises every aspect of his hometown, yet loves it dearly. A year 9 student at Sutton Grammar School, he has started a few GCSE courses, and has started to learn what a true workload is.

Declan Pang is Co-Editor of Political Promise. He is currently studying History at the University of Aberdeen. He is a former Member of the UK Youth Parliament. He has freelanced for Dods Monitoring and volunteers as an Advisor at the Citizens Advice Bureau. His interests lie in social policy, international development and citizenship.

Anirudh Mathur is Co-Editor of Political Promise, and been a member of the Editorial Board since November 2010. His interests lie in economics, political philosophy and international politics, particularly of South Asia. A strong internationalist background has played a significant part in shaping his outlook. He is currently on a gap year and interning at the Bank of England, before intending to travel around Latin America.

Pav Sandhu is a Contributor to Political Promise. He has just finished studying A levels in Politics, History and Philosophy and Ethics. In the last election, he supported the Conservatives, however he endeavours to write a book on his own political ideology after university. He wants to study and work abroad after uni, especially Canada, USA, Japan and Australia and hopes to experience the political frontline in these countries as well as in Britain. In his spare time, he plays a lot of tennis, badminton and volleyball


Aaron Frazer is a Contributor to Political Promise, and a 23 year old Politics Graduate and democratic socialist from London. Aaron was not happy when he left University to face the worst economic crisis in 80 years so he “pissed off to India”. Regaining a semblance of normality and responsibility he started writing regularly and continues to do so for various publications including The Comment Factory and Early Years Business. He also works as a mentor/educational assistant in schools and is a part time youth worker.

Graeme Charles Morrison is a Contributor to Political Promise. A staunch Labour supporter, his political heroes are Clement Atlee, Franklin D Roosevelt and President Josiah Bartlett from the West Wing. He is a season ticket holder at Celtic FC, plays snooker and holds a 1st dan black belt in karate. Having recently graduated from Strathclyde University, studying History and Politics, he has not made my mind up entirely about post-university life yet. Watching his favourite programmes 24 and The West Wing might help pass the time, of course, as well as blogging!

Matthew Wheavil is a Contributor to Political Promise. He hails from Northern Ireland and has recently graduated from the University of Stirling with a degree in Journalism Studies and Politics. At university he was politics editor of Brig (Stirling’s student newspaper) for two years, so should be familiar with hammering out articles on anything from the latest international crisis to an in-depth analysis of Obama’s choice of tie. As a student journalist, he landed interviews with Alistair Darling and Jack McConnell. As well as teaching Politics and Guitar lessons to kids, he has set up Music Matter’s Magazine, Northern Ireland’s leading musical publication. A must read. He says if he fails in his mission to bring music back to the streets of Ulster, his back up plan is to take over the world and bring back the left-wing with a guitar and a cardboard cut-out of John Lennon.

Elliot Colburn is a Contributor to Political Promise. He is a student at Aberystwyth University, currently studying Law with Politics. He grew up in South London where his political interest began. He began by being a part of the Sutton branch of the UK Youth Parliament, before going into party politics and becoming an activist for the Conservative Party at the age of 15! One of his proudest achievements was winning the Mock Elections 2010 for the Conservatives at his High School, situated in the strong Liberal Democrat area of Carshalton and Wallington. Apart from political activism, Elliot enjoys charity work and in Easter 2009 he took part in his biggest expedition to date, travelling to India to help in the construction of a school in a village on the northern border. His ambition is to become a Barrister and Conservative MP in the future.

Daniel Owens is a Contributor to Political Promise. He graduated in July 2010 for the University of Lancaster with a BA (Hons) degree in Politics and International Relations and has just returned to his home county of West Yorkshire. His main areas of interest include United States Foreign Policy since WWII, the effects of media in politics, the conflict in the Middle East and the processes of conflict resolution. As part of his degree, he wrote a dissertation titled “The normalisation of torture in the post-9/11 world: Jack Bauer, Abu Ghraib and the effects of torture as a device of entertainment”, which earned him a 1st class mark. In terms of politics, he is a member of the Conservative Party and has followed Barack Obama since January 2008 after reading Dreams from my Father.

Jonny Roberts is a Contributor to Political Promise and a 22-year old, soon-to-graduate film student. He’s a Labour supporter with Liberal sympathies, his manifesto for change would be more rooted in John Lennon lyrics than that of the current crop of leaders. He’s a Manchester United fan too so not all that used to seeing his team in red fail (May 2010 could be a double blow!). As an active Student Unionist he started a student newspaper and student TV station at the University of Wales, Newport alongside re-writing his Union’s constitution and dreams of being either editor of The Guardian or leader of the Labour Party – or if all else fails a job opposite a pub!

Conor Campbell is a Contributor to Political Promise. He is a 24 year old MA History student, who is presently writing a dissertation on the political ideology of Sinn Fein, and I have a keen interest in political history and political ideology. I have spent much of my life moving back and forth between my two home towns of Guildford, Surrey, and Armagh in Northern Ireland.

Mike Indian is a Contributor to Political Promise. He is a History and Politics graduate from Lancaster University. His main areas of academic interest are British Political History, Electoral Analysis, Transitional Politics of the Balkans and the Caucasus and the history of British Social Policy. In addition, his undergraduate dissertation focused on the portrayals of British Communist leader, Harry Pollitt, in the mid-20th century media. Having graduated, he is currently on a gap year, before training as a journalist. He writes his own blog, The Groucho Tendency. A Midlander born and bred, his hobbies include fantasy roleplaying, autograph collecting and debating.

Alex Gabriel is a Contributor to Political Promise and has been a Labour Party activist and supporter since 2007, though as a left liberal he opposed many authoritarian policies under New Labour. Focusing particularly on freedom of speech, secularism and LGBT issues as well as civil liberties and party politics in general, he writes as an undergraduate commentator for The Oxford Student at university and has also contributed articles to the Fabian Society and other major campaign groups.

David Brownsey-Joyce is a Contributor to Political Promise, and a 26 year old Global Politics graduate working in London. David loves the intricacies of politics and how they affect normal people on an everyday level, he enjoys reading, long walks and cooking. Since 2008 he has worked in Emap with the Local Government Chronicle and Health Service Journal editorial teams as their editorial administrator, prior to that he did a six month internship at Celia Barlow MP (Lab), former MP for Hove and Portslade, constituency office.

Stephen Wager is a Contributor to Political Promise. He is from Sussex, studying International Relations at St Andrews University. He has a strong passion for foreign affairs – specifically regional security complexes in Asia and Central Europe. This summer, he delivered a presentation in Budapest at the Cold War Centre’s Annual Conference about problems of Nationalism in Central Europe. Currently he is writing a dissertation on whether “Britain is still Great? Assessing Britain’s role in the New World Order”. As a member of Tayforth OTC he enjoys ‘outdoor pursuits’. A keen sportsman, Stephen has represented his county and university at Rugby and Swimming. His recommended reads: Orwell and Dostoevsky. Idol(s): Lord Castleraegh and Michael Owen.

Garry Lee is a Contributor to Political Promise. He is from East Kilbride, Scotland and currently attends the University of Strathclyde on the MSc European Public Policy course. His political focus is mainly on public health and the environment. In his spare time, Garry also writes music for independent games on the iPhone and X-Box 360. He can usually be found in any local record store, or any academic seminar being conducted in the Glasgow area.

Archie Manners is a Contributor to Political Promise. He is a Conservative Activist who is currently studying for his A Levels. He lives in the south, but campaigns in the North. He is also a magician and a hypnotist, for more information see www.archiemanners.co.uk

Allie Wickham is a Contributor to Political Promise. He is currently studying Politics at the University of Bath, and was a former student at Sutton Grammar School. He is an unofficial supporter of the Conservative Party, and his main interests lie in current affairs, political philosophy and social policy.

Zachary Adam Barker is a Contributor to Political Promise. A graduate in Politics and International Relations at the University of the West of England in Bristol, his main interest in politics is foriegn affairs.  Zachary is a passionate anti-monarchist and a member of Republic.  He is also strongly for complete nuclear disarmament, but quit his membership of CND when they started campaigning against nuclear power as well as nuclear arms.  Zachary is also an atheist and committed secularist. His dream job is Foreign Secretary.  

Political Promise is committed to give you your say. If you have something to say that you’re interested in, then this is your platform. There is no application process, no membership, no nonsense. We look for articles between 600-800 words in length, where you receive full credit. It does not have to have any political affiliation, it does not need to be a world-changing speech or a 60-page report. It doesn’t even have to be topical. But if you feel passionate about something in British politics or overseas, then we would love to hear it.

If you want to be a one-article-wonder, or a regular blogger, then e-mail us at politicalpromise@yahoo.co.uk. We would love to hear from you.

DISCLAIMER: The views of the contributors to the website and magazine are that of the contributors themselves, Political Promise accepts no responsibility for what they say or the way they say it. All content featured on this website is intellectual property of Political Promise and the individual writer. Any reprinting or distribution of any material featured on the website MUST credit the author, Political Promise and http://www.politicalpromise.co.uk.

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  2. Good mission statement and objectives. Best of luck to you. However, would be a tad improved if the following was refined, a little:-

    “Every writer has a career background in politics, history, international affairs, journalism or law, and a social background in charity work and volunteering, from Haiti to Haringey”.

    I’m sure not ALL contributors have been to both Haiti AND Haringey!

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