Political Promise

Advertise with Political Promise

We can arrange bespoke advertising packages to best suit our clients’ needs, incorporating presence online as well as in our magazine, which we are launching termly in 2011.

Political Promise is a magazine and website, completely maintained by young people. All of the writers are in full-time education, either at high school, college, university or in post-grad vocational training positions. This is a unique opportunity to tap into a huge market of intellectually aware students. The website was formed in January 2010, and following on from its success, the magazine was launched in October 2010.

Our Audience

Political Promise readers are students and young professionals, who have an interest in current affairs and politics in the UK, Europe and across the world. As the 2010 general election proved, there is a thirst among young people for active involvement in current affairs and Political Promise offers an accessible, interesting and original reflection on the current state of affairs. You have the chance to influence tomorrow’s influencers.


If you seek to advertise in our Spring and Summer issues in 2011, contact us for more information. We launched Political Promise as a free e-magazine across Britain in December 2010. We have physical marketing presence in 20 universities, although our first issue reached students at 49 universities. Political Promise will be a glossy full-colour magazine, with features, interviews, educational sections and of course, an opinions section penned by Political Promise’s fabulous journalists. Political Promise has no political affiliation, we have contributors from across the political spectrum. Our promise is the magazine will combine three key aspects:

  • Informative
  • Investigative
  • Interviews

Click here for our Media Pack for more information, contact politicalpromise@yahoo.co.uk. Online banner campaigns start from £50 a week. Unlock the potential of internet advertising!

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