Political Promise

The EU and the Human being

In Andrei Skorobogatov on August 6, 2011 at 3:14 pm

Surely one of the biggest political debates of this decade should be the EU, says Andrei Skorobogatov. Has it become a taboo? Does anyone vote for a party openly anti-Europe? 

Yet something that affects us all on a daily basis has become taboo. It was scarcely mentioned in the last election and our foreign policy towards it has remained unchanged for decades. Its influence is permeating our society deeper and deeper and yet we are reduced to having simple binary views, backed up neither by logic nor reasoning but rather by unyielding ideological dogma.

Our society is fractured. Half the people I know are rabid anti-Europeans (even if they like a good pizza and a Burgundian Cabernet Sauvignon) and the other half embrace it as a rational escape from the eccentric peculiarity of everything British. And apart from rows and fights, both sides are unable to talk. Neither side can understand each other; it is as if some of us are from outer space, wanting to talk but sharing no common language, leaving war to be the only option.

Yet remember, with every day the EU, its regulations, benefits and detriments become ever closely intertwined with the world around us. It will be ever more difficult to leave if we so wished (perhaps it is already impossible), and the time to decide is now. The country is split, but without debate and open conversation about something so major in our lives, we will be left without a choice. It is the parting of the ways, and only one road that we can take.

Which one do you pick? You must choose now or you will never be able to again.

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